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Okay, so I'm looking to upgrade to a new tier of sound after many years with a pair of Bose AE2s. After asking around on various other sites, I came across the Philips Fidelio X1, and they have really piqued my interest. They're exactly what I want: around-ear headphones for serious, at home listening to a variety of genres (all FLAC or ALAC files). However, I have a few questions.


1) Are the X1s worth the money? I'm willing to spend 200-300USD, so are there any comparable choices for cheaper?

2) Do I need to get an amp and DAC to get the full potential out of them? I usually only listen to music on my Macbook Pro—no portable devices. Again, these are serious, at home cans.

3) There are no options for Hi-Fi stores in my area to try out headphones. Is there any way around this besides ordering from a place with a good return policy?

4) Does anyone have any experience with these headphones? What do you think?


Basically, I'm a college student about to enter the real world and I can't afford to build a hi-fi stereo system that I'll have to lug around a dozen times in the next 10 years. What I want to do is produce an immersive, reasonably accurate, and quality listening experience that I can carry in a backpack.