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Looking for durable & comfortable headphones <$150 for computer use

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I'm looking for a pair of headphones in under $150 for use with my stationary computer, for some casual gaming, movies/TV-series, and music. Since I'll be listening completely alone, sound leaking isn't an issue. I already have a separate microphone, so I don't want a headset.


I've previously bought mostly cheaper headphones in the $30-60 range, but I'm getting very tired of them breaking after just a year or two, so this time I'm looking for something that will last me a while, hopefully at least 6-8 years. I figure if I can get something durable, in the long run I'll end up spending less anyway. Of course, I did try this once already once, bought a pair of Sennheisers in the $100-120 range, which had gotten very good reviews and many recommendations... which ended up breaking apart at the plastic joints in less than a year. So here I am, figuring I'd ask the people who know about headphones for some advice this time ;)


So, my absolute main priority is really durability, sturdiness and build-quality. I'm at a point where I probably wouldn't mind buying a pair of cast-iron headphones, as long as they weren't to uncomfortable.

I figure a detachable cord is a good idea too (but maybe not necessary?), since I've had a few phones with quite good build quality that had to be replaced just because the cord started fraying.


A close second priority is comfort, I have a big head, glasses, and I often end up wearing my headphones for 5+ hours in a stretch. If it's any help, I used to have a pair of Philips SBC-HP 890 that I remember as being very, very comfortable (so much that I'd probably wouldn't be writing this post if Philips still produced and sold them). I've also had a pair of AKG 518, which IIRC was too tight on my ears ended up being rather uncomfortable due to my glasses. I guess I'd prefer bigger headphones that sit around the ear rather than the smaller ones that sit on the ear? It's not a must though, if the smaller ones aren't to tight.


A third priority is my budget, as I've said, I'm willing to spend $100-150, but that's only if it's actually worth it in terms of build quality and lifespan, and to some degree, comfort. I haven't mentioned sound quality, which is because, to be perfectly honest, it's not a big concern for me (I hope that doesn't get me burned as a heretic!). I didn't notice much of a difference between a pair of cheap $20 headphones and the "expensive" Sennheisers I bought, nor do I have any issues with the sound quality in my current $50ish headphones (which atm are more duct tape than headphones). I will gladly take a pair of $80 "built as a tank" headphones that doesn't sound that great over a pair of $100 headphones that sound fantastic but will only last half as long.


Grateful for any advice,


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Considering everything above, I would recommend the Beyerdynamic DT770. If you have an amp or dont need the volume to rattle your brains, the ones from the ad below will be great.



If you like your music a little loud, you should get the 32 OHM version, maybe you could bump your budget up a couple bucks?



These only land near your budget used, sadly. But they are very durable. I had a pair and they were solid.

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DT770, Philips Fidelio L1, and the VModa M80 have the best build in this price range.
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I can't vouch for the L1, but the V-Moda is very durable as well. It's made mostly of metal.

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Thanks both of you a lot for the help! Really appreciate it!


I think Beyerdynamic DT770 will be the ones I buy, I made a mistake when converting my price range to USD from SEK, a new pair of DT770 80Ohm cost 1400 SEK which is just around my max. They look very comfortable, and I had missed that they were made out of metal (I saw them earlier but I thought they looked very fragile, since I thought they were plastic). My only concern is that the cable isn't detachable, but it seems it's possible to disassemble the cups and solder on a new one in case the original breaks?

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The Beyers aren't metal, they're plastic. They're still durable, the forks holding the cups are metal though. I put a 3.5mm jack on my old pair.


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