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Spotify now FREE!!!

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Just seen an announcement that as of 11Dec 2013 Spotify is now free on PC, iOs and Android. It does have ads and a few other premium features are not available to the free version but the quality settings seem to work.


I am assuming that this isn't just a UK thing?

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still not available in canada... 

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So to be more specific, there were three tiers - free, which was limited to a certain number of plays per month and had ads, computer only; unlimited, which had unlimited (shocker!) plays, and no ads, computer only; and then premium which added high quality streams and the ability to listen on mobile. Now the free tier gets mobile streaming, with ads... will unlimited tier get mobile streaming without ads? I'd give it a shot, but I opened up my copy of the (absolutely terrible, IMO) iOS app, and it's just making me dizzy with an ad for premium and not letting me in. Oh well.

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Free with ads and a noticeable reduction in bass thud which gives the music a lifeless feel.

Great for the shower using the iPads speaker I suppose.
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