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Hi everyone


For a while I’ve been using an external Seagate Plus to stream music to my iPad mini. I’ve used a Meridian Explorer DAC with a combination of CCK, USB hub, USB Y cable and external battery to make the whole thing work.


Pleased as I was from a geek point of view getting it all to work, the reality is it’s too cumbersome and the Seagate is too unreliable to be a satisfactory portable solution.


So I’m selling the Meridian and Seagate to raise some cash and fund a proper portable solution.


I listen to a great variety of music, all in apple lossless or WAV format, less than 5% of my music is 24/96 and I have Sure SE25 iem’s and Sony MDR-1R.


My idea is to dust off my iPod Classic and pair it with a Sony PHA-1 I’ve seen for £200, or look to get a JDS Labs C5D and match it via CCK with my iPad mini. The C5D is now available in Europe for 210 Euros.


I manage all my music in iTunes and am too old/lazy to learn a new UI on a different DAP, so have ruled out the iBasso DX50.


The iPod Classic + PHA-1 combo gives me almost everything I need right now, but rules out hi res music. The iPad mini + CCK + C5D is future proof, but limited on capacity.


Clearly the C5D could work as an amp only on my iPod Classic, so I could carry both iPod and iPad and switch between them. But as 95% of my music is currently available on my iPod am I better focussing on something that can be both DAC and amp to the iPod: the PHA-1?  


I’d really appreciate any thoughts on which is a better device between the PHA-1 and C5D?