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I read that the shape of the bores does, however, matter. Having said that, I have no idea how the technology "really" works, just know excerpts I've read from JH Audio's own communications, so I'm no expert in the matter.

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I am not disagreeing but I know that InEarZ slavishly copy the bores when they reshell it.
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inside of freg phase ciems their are plastic tubes and any resheller should have no problem matching sound signature.

i had my jh16 done by inearz in florida with no sound change. no problem what so ever period

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I sent my sister a pair of JH13 non-Freqphase reshelled from InEarZ, but I never actually saw them in person.  I supposedly have freqphase JH13s reshelled from InEarZ so looking at the difference between the two would be interesting even though I doubt Ill see my sister any time soon..

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heres how it should look freg phase as the main differences i saw are the plastic tube lengths mostly the long tube for smallest armiture.

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Price drop.

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