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Hi Guys,


I'm new here (and non native english speaker, excuse me) and have a few questions.

I have an AKG K240Monitor (The golden one!?). I'm 18 years old and this things exists in our house since I can remember.

Now i moved to Berlin and took it with me because my father won't use it anymore. I mainly use it for hearing music in the subway or train when i drive to work.

But because they have 600 ohm, the volume is very low. I love this headphones and want good mobile sound. So i thought of the fiio e07k andes.

Can you recommend it ? Is it worth the money ? I think this thing is the price limit for me. I think like it because i can plug it into my computer and have better sound with this thing than with my crappy onboard sound card. So....


Thank you for your answers


Best Regards, Kilian