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Hello all fellow head-fi-ers.... Ya that sounds right... Alright so getting the ball rolling here, I'm new to the HiFi game as of late, finally picked up my very first set on nicer headphones a while back (some VModa M100's) as I'm sure all here started out and am now wanting to experience my music even more so and am now on the hunt for my first DAC/amp combo. What I'm looking for I suppose is a solid USB driven setup that runs around 300 ish if possible. And as far as my music tastes go I trend to go from anything as quiet as instrumental concert piano to some hardcore and rare rap, however primarily stay with the slower indie and alt rock. So maybe something that likes to que the softer highs mids and the vocals as well with base not so much a concern. Again though glad to be getting into the HiFi game a little more (wallet.... not so much tongue.gif) and thanks for any help guys!