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For Sale: Eddie Current Super 7

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For Sale:
Eddie Current Super 7

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is my Eddie Current Super 7. I hate to sell this, but the truth is I listen to speakers 90% of the time these days and would like to downsize. 


This specimen is from the first run where Craig used the better Electra-Print transformers (he has since switched to the Double C core transformers in later runs). This unit has the speaker taps on the back, but does not have the speaker switch on the front that later units had. I never ran speakers from this, so it was not an issue for me. 


Read more about the Super 7 here:


I will include 7 of the new production Tung Sols that Craig offers as a package on his site. This should get you up and running. 


I'm limiting sales to local pickup only at this time because I don't have a box to ship this in. This may change if I find the time to get some packaging materials


Actually, I've found a suitable box and packing materials so I'm willing to ship to CONUS. 

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Woah! Crazy good price for an awesome amp!

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Awesome amp....
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damn! if only it is in the uk...

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WOW, bump for a great amp and a great price!

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Thank you
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