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I designed this amp after spending several days (if not weeks) reading over the data at Tangent's website.  I wanted it to be simple compact and able to drive several different pairs of headphones.  It's hard to come up with an original idea with all the amp designs currently available, so it shares features with the MINT and META42 designs.  I had originally thought about building a PIMETA v2, but after reading the plus and minuses of 3 channel amps I decided not to go that route.  Mainly because I believe that simpler is better.


I chose to buffer the outputs as well as the TLE2426's virtual ground. I also chose to place the reservoir caps before the ground driver and I used constant-current diodes to bias the amp into class-A operation. I believe, if I did the calculations correctly, that this amp has a gain of 10. I plan on using an 18V regulated wall power supply. The input caps will be EPCOS MKP(PP), the high-speed reservoir caps will be EPCOS MKT(PET) and I plan on using Silmic II's for the reservoir caps.  I chose not to use an input resistor on the BUF634 because the data sheet's simplified circuit diagram shows a 200 ohm series resistance on its input already.  (Edit) I forgot to mention that the volume pot is 10K ohm.


I included the Eagle circuit diagram and would appreciate it if someone could look it over and double check my work before I order parts to prototype it.  I can also email you guys the complete Eagle file if you would rather look at that instead. Thanks

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