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i want a new headphone that i will keep for a long time, i like bass (my previous headphone was a sennheiser momentum over ear, got bored of it) i heard good things about the v moda, and since it's a basshead headphone it will make me happy! but after being shown the mrspeakers mad dog+alpha dog i can safely say i love the sound of these headphones, they look comfortable and reviews are good. i just want to know what they sound like in the bass area and if my fiio e17 would be able to drive them

since i could get a mad dogs AND a fiio e09k amplifier for the same price as just the v moda m100 it seems good value to get the mad dogs for $299 and the amp from amazon.

to help you help me more here is some information about me!

previous headphones: solo hd, skullcandy hesh 2.0, sennheiser momentum.
budget:£400 on everything ($650)
music genres i like my headphones to perform well at: Pop, Dance, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep
prefence of headphone type:Closed
Source:Sony Vaio and Fiio E17 amp/dac

if you think there's a better headphone for me out there feel free to suggest it. i would just like some sound advice on which of these two headphones would be more beneficial for me though as i love hearing the bass on a EDM track or while listening to Chase and Status for example.

edit: also i was thinking about getting the alpha dogs (big leap from sennheiser momentum i know) but if i did i wouldn't be able to afford an amp and they might not be able to driven to a good level with just my e17