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Minneapolis meet Jan 26, 2014  

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I am scheduling a meet in the Minneapolis area for Sunday January 26, 2014 from 12pm to 6pm.


Date: Sunday January 26, 2014
Time: 12pm to 6pm
Location: Waterbury Building 1121 Jackson St. Suite 107 Minneapolis, MN 55413
Enter through the east side of the building Door C.

Tables and chairs will be provided and there are plenty of outlets for power but bringing a power strip would be recommended.
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subbed, I will spread the word to the guys that attended the last one at the needle doctor.

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In before the mob lol I'm down fo sho!

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I am definitely in.  

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i work that weekend but may be able to stop by for a couple of hours. 

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I may stop by! I've never been to a meet before. Hopefully I will be able to come work and school permitting of course :)

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Thread updated.

I will be bringing:
Schiit Modi
Audioquest Dragonfly
Schiit Asgard 2 (if I am able to get one by then)
Sure se425
Bowers & Wilkins P7

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Never been to a meet. Attending one was just recommended to me because I am trying to decide on a nice set of Orthos to purchase. Only phones I currently own are a pair of ATH-M35s. Mainly because I can't tear myself away from my Maggies. I may however be able to bring my Oppo BDP-105 if anybody is interested in hearing how their phones sound with the on board head amp which is supposed to be quite good. And of course the ESS Sabre DAC.
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I have to travel from Iowa City and may be able to stop by for 3-4 hours if I can make it that weekend.


Thanks for organizing a meet!




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I will be attending.

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Sunday meet will more difficult for me we'll see if I can make it...5 or 6 hour drive...

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Unfortunately it is what was available. Their scheduling software screwed up and only after they figured that out did it come up that Saturday was not available. Hope you are able to make it.

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Perhaps.  :smile:

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I can bring...


audiogd 11.32
little dot mk1
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Not that I can attend but has anyone contacted either Needle Doctor or RazorDog Audio? They're both based near Minneapolis and sell a variety of headphones. Especially RazorDog, who just got in the AKG K812 recently too.


The last Minneapolis meet was at Needle Doctor (organized by kvtaco17) and I've heard that Brian @ RazorDog is very familiar with Head-Fi.... ;)

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