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Kumitate (くみたて) Lab: A Triumph and Celebration of DIY - Impressions Thread

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At this point, it shouldn't come at a surprise that yet another CIEM lab (so many choices, so little money; I know, right?) has sprouted up in the midst of massive growth for the custom IEM market. The existing guard of CIEM companies has long been intricately tied to the hearing aid/protection industry. Not so anymore. With enough passion and dedication, ardent music lovers and DIYers are carving their own path with custom-molded in-ear monitors.


About half a year ago, I championed our very own piotrus-g (a.k.a. Peter) as having risen from self-experimentation with CIEM molds to being ready at the helms of his own company in CustomArt. He has since won the recognition and respect of numerous head-fiers for delivering great-sounding silicone CIEMs at reasonable prices.


This time, I'd like to introduce another triumph of DIY, not from Europe, but from half the world away: くみたてLab



くみたてLab (or Kumitate Lab), as you can surmise from the name, is from Japan, home of rabidly crazy CIEM fans. Nowhere else in the world do I know of so many audiophiles with four, five, six, ten, twenty plus pairs of custom IEMs, and yet, Japan only has a few major custom IEM manufacturers, despite housing some of the most prominent audio/electronics companies in the world in Sony, JVC, Pansonic, and many more. The biggest CIEM manufacturer, of course, is FitEar, which has set the portable audiophile world on fire as of late. There are other companies, such as CanalWorks, that work silently within the country but only happy-go-lucky schoolgirl Monet Sakamoto has been a common fixture in the head-fi portable forums.


With so many headphones and portable devices, Japan seems to have tried and heard it all. Thus, a small but passionate group of DIYers have risen in the last couple of years to create their own custom IEMs --- banding together and learning from one another. They communicate constantly with each other over social media like Twitter, tweeting news of not only interesting new products, what they heard at the most recent headphone show, but also what they were up to in their own designs, as well as organizing group buys for balanced armature drivers, acoustic tubing, capacitors, and resistors. They diligently documented their trials and tribulations on their blogs. Starting off with home-made measuring rigs and sub-par acrylic molds, each of them slowly but surely improved on their skill.


Silently reading (but not quite fully understanding, as I don't read Japanese, just the nigh useless Google translations) these blogs was me, and I found their community absolutely exciting and galvanizing. People like Vorbiser, hokutoumashi, 682, and quite a few others have banded together to find their own sound and to craft their own creations.


One of the leaders of this DIY movement was Mr. Ryosuke Ito, a.k.a. KumitateK. With one of the most detailed blogs (http://diy-ciem.blogspot.com/) amongst the DIYers, KumitateK quickly caught my attention as one of the guys that paid meticulous attention to detail, not only with analyzing sound and measurements, but also with the crafting of shells, and subjective recording of insight into the earphones themselves. Two summers ago, I e-mailed him with a few n00bish questions regarding crossover design, not really expecting any answers. To my surprise, he replied back to me quickly and enthusiastically, and since then we've corresponded from time to time regarding random, interesting findings.


Why create this company in the first place? Well, I can't be sure, because I actually haven't corresponded with Mr. Ito in a while (not since the end of summer), but my guess is that he would like it to be a celebration of DIY.


I am sure that the DIY effort began as a hobby for him, and remains a hobby in the minds of the others as well. They have fun tinkering with crossovers and UV curing ovens. They hold friendly competitions during audiophile headphone shows to see whose creations get the most thumbs ups from the meandering crowd. To me, Ito-san is likely making くみたて a business only because so many people in Japan (and perhaps quite a few around the world, myself included) have encouraged him to step out and offer a commercial service to audio enthusiasts that want a special and unique experience in their audio journey.



So how do Ito-san's creations sound? I actually do not know. I have not heard anything from Kumitate Lab. Thus far, the only head-fier that I am aware of who has heard a few of Kumitate Lab's creations is one of our neighborhood-friendly mods AnakChan, who mentioned them in one of his summer show reports here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/672513/15th-july-2013-tokyos-fujiya-summer-portaken-report


However, from my e-mail and Twitter correspondence with KumitateKくみたて embodies all the right ingredients of a great custom IEM lab, with respect to both technical proficiency of sound tuning and artisan-like mastery over shell creation. I would not be worried about sound or craftsmanship.


What am I worried about? Well, for starters, fulfillment of orders. The lab had to close down for a few months because Mr. Ito fell ill after being inundated with reshell orders (just from local orders, no less). What is there to guarantee that it won't happen again? He says that his order system is now more robust, however. Second would be the MMCX connectors and home-made cables. While they're not bad, per se, (after all, they're good enough for Westone) I remain wary of MMCX as a good option because of high failure rates. Other than that, I don't know. I do know that I am excited for this triumph of DIY, and I think others should be too. If this DIY movement doesn't embody the spirit of head-fi, I don't know what does.


Website: http://kumitate-lab.com/

Blogspot: http://diy-ciem.blogspot.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/KumitateLab/

KumitateK's Head-Fi Profile: http://www.head-fi.org/u/365454/kumitatek

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Wonderful wonderful read Tom, so many options so little money, also a sure sign the hobby and creators are progressing forward at an alarming rate. Hopefully the outcome is better sound for all of us. Again, excellent read and good luck to them.
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Thanks. I want to mention that I forgot quite a few other names in that list of DIYers; many of them are quite talented. If I have time, I'll go in and try to fill in the list. This is more of a celebration of DIY; Kumitate Lab is merely a manifestation of their triumph. People actually interested in KLab's products can go visit his blog, where I noticed that he's officially taking orders as of 12/9, and now has a product and price list of all his services, as well as instructions for impressions, etc.

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Interesting brand indeed. I wish brands would innovate no only in sound and looks bit in a key factor: comfort and ergonomics, just like Fitear did with their very particular fit.
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Originally Posted by tomscy2000 View Post


I remain wary of MMCX as a good option because of high failure rates


You and me both, Tom. The adaptation of MMCX is IMO the worst trend in recent year.


Thanks for the introduction to another CIEM company btw.

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Enjoyed the intro, tomscy2000! Nice to see you out front bringing it to us in the audio community.

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Great that they're back in business, I only noticed that he was planning to re-open up shop on the 9th when I was checking in on the blog last week. I don't think he's updated the main site in a while. But it seems he's been rapidly updating his blog with stuff on servicing, offerings and the likes since the announcement.


If I get back and no one's translated those new important-looking blog entries yet (I think he mentioned something about him working on translating his stuff to English), I might take a crack at it sometime this week.


I've been PMing him up till a few months back when he had to close up shop. Eager to get my impressions to him for my thingy.


Also, I don't recall if it was mentioned but I think Mr. K was the one working on that little project of Mr. T's.


Also, I think this little sucker here is one of the neater-looking faceplates that he's done.

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wow Kumitate Lab Thread

It's my Kumitate Lab KL-3

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

using The Lightning with balance cable (made by 846cable)

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huge bore there. is it titanium tubing?
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>>huge bore there. is it titanium tubing?

not titanium(may be) Kumitate Lab IEM is low price(KL-3 about 650$

titanium? not use.

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Originally Posted by Zorotto View Post

wow Kumitate Lab Thread

It's my Kumitate Lab KL-3


using The Lightning with balance cable (made by 846cable)

Very nice! Someone with an actual KL model! What does it sound like?

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KL-3 sound is OpenType Headphone Like

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that's nice. from the pictures, they seems to be have bronze tubing also.

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Two DD and two BA, I guess unique and first hybrid using two DD and two BA.
Made by KumitateK

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Originally Posted by MuZo2 View Post  Two DD and two BA, I guess unique and first hybrid using two DD and two BA. Made by KumitateK


LEAR actually has a 4BA 2DD model coming out as well, which was announced about a month ago? But this is a feat in of itself as well.

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