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So I have been recording my Gameplay footage with a program called Dxtory it is a great program works very well. But I just need a little help or guidance on how to create Seperate audio channel for my skype or such programms...Basicly what it is right now I have Essence one with my speakers and headphones plugged inĀ and a Blue yeti mic. I can get them as two seperate channels 1 for game audio and one for my chatter if any, but since skype exits onto essence one it goes in as the game audio. So as far as I know I need to create some sort of audio trickery to make the program think that I have my skype sound going somewhere else even trough I will still hear it trough essence one as I play my game, but not get it recorded in the Game audio. I know how it works, I just don't know how to do it.