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Hi All,


I've just discovered this forum and I'm a little overwhelmed at the technical prowess and wealth of knowledge on headphones and audio related stuff that resides here!! I've done a fair bit of digging and searching before posting however no results have quite satisfied my query hence my need to post. Apologies is this is ground that has been covered before but I've not been able to find anything that quite fits the below requirements: 


Ok so I'm after a proper set of headphones for my girlfriend as opposed to the usual gimic'y shinny junk you usually get flogged, however there is a slight catch, she has been blessed / cursed with pretty small head so she cant really wear anything bigger than headphones the size of beats by dre of bose quiet comfort without them swamping her head and much to my amusement her ending up looking rather silly and loosing practicality whilst out and about. 


So with the above in mind the criteria for purchase is:


- Used by a student so must be portable 

- Mostly listening to hip hop - r&b -with a bit of pop

- preference for a bassy sound

- source: android phone & mp3 player

- not bothered about isolated or open as long as the sound quality is decent

- Budget $250 max

- The smaller the better within reason due to a minute noggin

- Not bothered about style or looks as long as they're not too large.


I think that's all the info, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and again sorry if this is repetition of a previous exhaustive threads.