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For Sale: Neco SoundLab V4 amp

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For Sale:
Neco SoundLab V4 amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my wonderful Neco Soundlab V4 amp.  I'm downsizing (and potentially saving up for an e-stat rig).. so I've sold a lot of stuff lately.  You can read lots about the specs and design behind the V4 from this post on.  I've commented on the sound there, as well.  Simply put, it's one of the finest portable amps I've ever owned (and I've owned/heard many).  Neco's Facebook page has lot's of pics and info as well.  Search around the web and you'll find a number of V4 reviews, too (all of which, to my knowledge, have been very positive.. and deservedly so).


My V4 has the excellent ADA4627 opamps.  I actually asked Neco to see if this opamp works in the V4 (I had it in the UHA-6S MKII and loved the performance.. so, naturally, I wanted it in the V4).  Neco said it worked superbly in the V4.. and now offers it as an optional upgrade for customers.  He has an eBay page, but I didn't link to it at the time of this posting since he doesn't have any V4's for sale (he meticulously builds each unit by hand and them posts them for sale.. so if he's sold out of them, they won't be listed).


I've used the V4 with custom IEMs (UERM, JH13, AS-2, etc.) and full sized phones that I've owned (HD600, HD800, Beyer T90, HE-500, AlphaDog, Paradox, etc.).. the V4 sounded excellent with all of them.. and didn't come close to breaking a sweat driving orthos.. in low gain!.  I had Neco drop the gain on my V4 to 1.5x/4.5x (2x/5x is standard) so I can use it with IEMs.  Low gain works great for IEMs, but it doesn't give you a ton of play with (ultra-sensitive) custom IEMs.  I'm sure moderate to higher impedance (and less sensitive) IEMs will offer more travel.


My (silver) V4 is in mint condition & comes with all original accessories.


Terms of Sale


- CONUS buyers: price listed includes shipping.

- INT'L buyers: add $8 to listed price to cover shipping.

- Payment to be made via PayPal (as a gift) or Google Wallet.  Buyer responsible for any PP fees.

- Price listed is firm.

- No trades.

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Pics added.

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