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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Selling a mint condition Metrum Acoustics HEX.


Local pickup only because I am struggling to find the original packing carton to ship it in.


Reason for selling is that I have the other following digital sources:

  • Playback Designs MPS-5 SACD Player
  • Empirical Audio Overdrive DAC with Final Drive Passive Transformers


The above 2 sources outperform the HEX in SACD and red book respectively but at multiples of the price of the HEX.


The HEX is special because it gave me the confidence to make the leap to get the Overdrive since that was my first foray into buying something that was not available for audition through a typical audio retailer.


For red book, I would rate the HEX as being competitive with the Playback Designs which costs much more even for the standalone DAC.