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FA003/HM5 vs UE 6000

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Hi All,


Need some quick advice here. I received a european coupon for 30% discount for the logitech store,Valid for just 1 day.

Alot of headsets have been already discounted by 50%. So quite an attractive deal.


The one i am looking at is the UE 6000. From 199€ tot 60€ including shipping.


I already have the FA003/HM5 headset. Was thinking of buying the CAL1 for 60€ or the JVC HA-S500 for 50€. But at this price...I am rethinking my possibilities


How does this headset compare with the FA003 that's actually quite neutral in sound. Is it an upgrade or more a sidegrade. Have not seen comprisons between these two headsets whle reading the forums.



Also the difference in NC and standard. Do you really get two headsets for the price of one? Is nc quite good to listen too?


Thanks alot for reading...hope to get as much input before midnight to mke my decision.




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I'm going to say that it is really more of a sidegrade from your FA-003. The sound signature will be very different. The UE6000 will come across as a rather dark sounding cans compared to the neutral FA-003. I personally found them a lot more "fun" to listen to with the NC on. It gets a slightly more accentuated V-shape signature.


As for whether they will be a better deal than the CAL! or the JVC-S500, I cannot say for sure since I am also looking for a place to demo these two sets of cans before making my decision. I tend to trust my ears when making purchases.

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Thanks for the reaction. Have to make the choice.


The cal €60,00 or the UE6000 at € 70,00. Lovely pricings.Hard to decide.


When reading the forums the UE 6000 has been seriously compared with the higher end models like momentum, MDR1r and the M100. These are all way higher in price


TBH I am interested in the active mode. Bass heavy. If I use it with my venturecraft godap gd-03 maybe it will work out great. The Godap boosts the high and mids.

Best of both worlds.

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