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For Sale: FiiO E7 Amp/Dac + E9 Amp Dock Combo

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For Sale:
FiiO E7 Amp/Dac + E9 Amp Dock Combo

Will Ship To: Conus or local pickup

How to read my ridiculously drawn out ad:
If you know this equipment, the first + last paragraph and larger text has the info you want.
If you need more info and want some reading, enjoy the rest of it.



I'm selling my FiiO E7 Amp/DAC with the Fiio E9 desktop amp dock. This combo can be used together or individually. The E7, along with my DIY cable, is able to plug directly to an Android with USB Audio compatibility and bypass the internal dac and amp.

The E7 alone can drive most cans even in the full sized realm effectively. Drives SRH1440, HE300, and DT880 to decent levels. With the E7 docked into the E9, those same cans sound even better with more power going to them. The E9 is able to drive my HE400s and also been known to power HD800s, HD 598/600/650, and AKG x701 series. The E7 has a 3 level bass boost EQ, sleep timer, button lock, dual headphone outs which can be used simultaneously. I would rate the E7's condition a 9.5 out 10 with 10 being new. It is a unit I purchased new to replace the older E7 the E9 came with.

The E9 has a low and high gain switch in the back. It is a more powerful amp meant to drive larger phones with more power demand. It also has two line-in and can also be used as a dock for the E7. The line-in are RCA inputs and a 3.5mm. There is also a "pre-output" which I take is a line-out, should you decide to daisy chain another amp (speaker amp or another headphone amp perhaps?). The condition of the E9 is 8 out of 10. I am the second owner of the E9 but it is in good physical condition with a few tiny marks here and there, nothing noticeable without close examination and nothing that effects SQ. I did open the amp to see if I was able to service the volume pot but it is a sealed Alps unit. The little rubber stabilizers on top of the dock are gone but that does not effect the way it works, just how secure the E7 feels docked in. Your E7 will not go flying off or fall over if you stare at it too hard without these rubber pieces. Also, the pot has noise while you're changing volume. I thought at first that it was a problem being a dirty pot, the reason why I opened it up to have a better look, but it turns out after doing some reading that this is very common with the E9. Again, the scratchy noise when changing volume does not occur once the pot stops moving and you're listening to music.

I'm asking $$$$ (Paypal and shipping CONUS included) for the combo which includes E7, E9, two Apple line-out cables (not tested and do not guarantee they work, but will include), DIY micro to mini usb cable to use with Android compatible device, rubber protective cover for the E7, and the FiiO rubber band to attach the E7 to a player/phone. I would prefer not to split the two but I will I'll sell the E7 by itself for $55 and the E9 for $65 shipped.

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Thanks M.

Sale pending
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Sold to: mvrk10256

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