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Sennheiser PC 360 volume issue

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When ever I turn the volume dial all the way down to ( - ) but it doesn't get muted there's still sound coming out of these cans ( not that very little volume ) right now as I am writing, the headset is placed at least 1 feet away from my ear and I can still hear the song clearly. Right now i have tried it Samsung GS3 and my laptop still same behavior. Is that normal ? any PC 360 owners ? Also the pc 360's I have received on the volume dial there's sennheiser logo but on the internet its like dash lines all over the volume dial.

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These Cans are designed that way I have confirmed from Sennheiser Rep. he said To completely cut off the volume then one has to do it from the source connected i.e ( Computer, Smartphone, Ipod ).

I even bought Sennheiser PC 350 and PC 360 Special Edition from best buy just to check the above phenomena both of them exhibit the same condition i.e the volume wont be turned down completely by integrated controls on both of them unless turned down completely from source.


About the Logo he told me that newer revisions of PC 360 have inherited the volume nob of Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edition which have logo imbedded  instead of small notches. ( I have bought mine from NCIX.ca )


BTW just to add in my two cents 

The sound quality of these cans is really great way better then other headsets that I have used. Before pulling the trigger on Senn's I owned Logitech G930 it was just night and day difference between them the Senn's just blowed the Logitech out the water interms of Comfort and Sound quality.


As I have bought the Sennheiser PC 360 Special Edtion also so I compared that one with the simpler 360 the sound quality of the two was exactly the same.

The only difference was in aesthetics of both and The Special Edition came with a USB virtual surround sound card.

Aesthetically I find the Simpler PC 360 much appealing, It really gave the look of a 200 dollar headset where as the Special edition felt much more plastiky and like a toy.


Now the PC 350 and 360 if I compare both some might prefer the 350 or the 360 Due to both of them belonging to different categories ( Closed and Open Design ) But still both of them sounded way better then the Logitech I had

but the reason I kept the 360 I liked the sound of them better these had great soundstage, also note that the 360 can be easily driven by most smartphones or laptop's integrated sound card as these are only 50 OHMs.


The 350 lacked a bit of bass but it did a very great job at noise cancellation I could not hear the air blowing from heater vents in my room ( I was 5 or 6 feet away from it) which i heard almost clearly while wearing the 360. And also one must have a good quality headphone amp or a sound card to unlock its full potential, When connected to my laptop the 350 sounded alittle bit tiny even on full volume. Cause these needs 150 OHM's which is 2x times more then 360.

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