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hello,im new to the forum and i am inexperienced,but i can tell the diffrence between something good and bad (if its obvious) at the moment i use iem's, and im curious to experience over-ear headphones,as the only ones i have ever tried were some jvc's and skullcandy heshs. and was wondering what are some inexpensive but good headphones. im a highschool student so im always on the go and i would like something durable ,i have done a bit of research and there are two that have caught my attention for under $40 range below.


monoprice 8323- everyone claims that there really durable and have unbelievable sound and bass for sub 30 price tag,but i would like to know how they sound for metal music,one thing i didnt like to hear is how uncomfortable they feel,to what extent is this true


the panasonic HTF600-sound and bass is said to better than the monoprice but not by much,one thing that i dislike is the open back but thats something i could deal with,how durable are these compared to the monoprices



if there are any you could reccomend please do so,

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