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File help please!!!

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I've been re-ripping all of my cd's into 320 kbps mp3 using EAC with LAME codec. I had a nice new folder all set up. Organized by Band > Album. I just changed my iTunes directory to the new folder and BAM! It got rid of all my hierarchy and put 90% of my files into an Unknown Artist > Unknown Album folder.


Is there any way to revert back to my hierarchy??? Or am I screwed? Thanks iTunes...

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It ruined 90 effen albums! Gonna take me weeks to restore my hierarchy.

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Not sure if this helps but there are song identifying apps for phones that when you play a song it will tell you the name, artist, and album. Thats long and tedious if you cant find a way to revert it. 

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Well, the tracks are numbered and named. It's just figuring out which album they go in!!!

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Spent about 6 hours so far. I have recreated all of the Artist > Album folders and am in the process of sorting out which songs go where. Luckily I have my archive folder of the wav's. Using that to select the correct songs for the albums. About 75% done.


F U iTunes!!!

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i didnt quite get what happened there... but if you search online, theres plenty of programs that allow you to edit the file tags. look for "tag & rename". i think you can get a free 30 day trial or something. if you change the file tags, i.e, song name, album name, artist name, song no, etc, you wont have any trouble with any player. on the other hand, changing every single songs tag is going to be a pain... good luck

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try system restore to before you made the new folder.

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Thanks, but I'm not restoring the whole system. iTunes just scrambled my folder organization. It took a long time, but everything is back to where it should be.


I started using Foobar to import id3 tags, but I still have to do about 20% manually. No idea why some albums aren't listed. EAC ripped the tracks to Artist > Album, so the info has to be somewhere on the intarwebz.

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