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Denon D2000 Recabling with teflon wires

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Do tell me if I'm not supposed to do this but moderator told me to start a new thread


Hello I'm new to here.Just modded my denon d2000 with silver plated occ wire,4 wires per channel, 8 wires total. the bass impact had gone, even sub bass had became lesser,which i don't like. <<<DAC NEW DRIVER PROBLEM! just tried phone out no such problem

but the treble is extremely clear and nice, the instruments and its position are extremely clear, nothing can hide from my ears.


I'm running Purepiper DAC-A1 with XMOS Usb to SPDIF card,and a felix filter, with a lot of mods, directly from dac without any amping

Warning: Pictures! (Click to show)



anyway the latest version of felix filter:normal_smile : using the same wire for my headphone



heres some worklog of changing the cable




removed copper shielding because its too heavy,extremely heavy, heavier than whole cable including furutech plug




8 wires total





not very flexible though since its wire, teflon wire, and only single core in each wire.






willing to hear any kind of suggestions :L3000: sorry for my English. Not very interested in wooden-cup-provided sound but would really like to try out some thick pads :P

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thinking about recabling my D2000, but not a handy man myself, hope yours doing good

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