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Help With First Headphones!

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Hey guys, I've eyed this forum for a while now, and I've finally joined :P


So yeah. I'm 14, and I really want new headphones for Christmas. I first bought the Samson SR850's 3 years ago now, and I loved them. At first they were pretty iffy, but after a month or so they sounded great. At the time I didn't know what it meant to burn in headphones, now I know, haha. I rocked those for a while, but I couldn't really wear them in public, you look ridiculous, so I invested in some $20 Audio Technica earbuds. However, earbuds tend to hurt my ears, so I've moved away from those. So now, onto High School. As I've mentioned before, I love music, so I would occasionally bring my SR850's to school for study halls and whatnot. For starters, being a Semi-Open design made them leak a ton (awkward). And secondly, I got made fun of because they're quite frankly.... ugly. So yeah. I need good sounding headphones that look good. Anyways, it's finally nearing Christmas, and I can get a good pair of headphones for the first time! 


I listen to all genres of music however, mostly Classic Rock, Electronica, Some Classical, Synthpop, Reggae, and some House.


So far I've been eyeing the


Audio Technica ATH-M50 (White)


Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's (White again)


Sennheiser HD 558


Sennheiser HD 598


Price Range: $50-$180


Right now my main competitors are the M50's, Custom One's, or the 598's.


So yeah! Thank you guys a Ton! If you have any suggestions, PLEASE leave them below! Happy holidays!

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Welcome to head-fi!

Be careful in here :wink_face:


Best place to start will be this section of the forums dedicated to suggestions and recommendations !



  It really helps that you have a few ideas already also!  Best of luck

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Ah. Thank you.

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