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Hi all,


New to Head-Fi and new to high-end audio in general.


I recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD 800s, but I've got nothing else to support this supposedly magnificent piece of engineering. My purpose is mostly to listen to music and potentially do film sound mixes on my computer. I have no independent hi-fi set-up.


Thus, here I am to ask for recommendations.


My questions are:


1) For a hi-fi set-up, what is the mininum that I'd need to achieve quality sound? From what I know, an amp and a DAC are required. Is that all? On the flip side, what can I add to enhance the sound?


2) Which devices (amps, DACs) would you recommend to go with the HD 800s, that would best express its sounds? Which ones are most synergistic?


3) I've noticed a lot of praise for Schiit's products and so I got in touch with them. They've recommended at the very high end the Mjolnir/Gungnir combo. However, I also own a pair of Grado PS500s, and would like the systems to be compatible with it, if possible. They also recommended either the Asgard 2 or Valhalla to complement a Bifrost. How good are any of these systems with the HD 800s?


4) Looking at Sennheiser directly, I've noticed that they have two amp/dac machines, the HDVA 600 and HDVD 800. I'm somewhat interested in a complete Sennheiser kit, with their balanced cables as well. How good are these amp/dac machines? Are these systems a good bang for their buck, and are most synergistic, given that Sennheiser made them, or are there better third-party alternatives for the amount of money that these machines cost?


Thanks everyone.

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