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For Sale: MMM, M3, M^3 amp

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
MMM, M3, M^3 amp

Will Ship To: CONUS, Canada

This amp is in great shape, and perfect working condition. For those who don't know, the M^3 is a DIY kit designed by AMB audio and very well regarded around these forums. It's powerful enough to drive hungry orthos like the Audeze LCD-2 and delicate enough to drive sensitive IEMs with a black, silent background (I've done both). Here's some info on this particular one, some of it pulled from old classifieds:


Opa 627's

Output bias set to 100 mA

NO bass boost

Variable gain from 2-7 via Alps RK27 'Blue Velvet' pot

Nichicon caps

Alps RK27 pots for volume and gain

One RCA input

One volume-controlled RCA out (pre-amp out), can be turned on and off by the switch on the back

Black Hammond aluminum enclosure with ventilated top cover

NO power switch

Powered by Elpac wall wart

Built by jbloudg20

Modified by ShinyFalcon to add variable gain and pre-amp out


If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them

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Sale pending

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