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For Sale: cDAC+ (modded ODAC)

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For Sale:
cDAC+ (modded ODAC)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For those who are unfamiliar with the cDAC+, it's an "optimized" version of the ODAC.  It's an ODAC w/ galvanic USB isolation, hardwired RCA outputs (instead of 3.5mm).. and the cDAC+ runs exclusively off of HQ 5V wall adapter (not powered via your computer's USB port).  One of the most often discussed issues with getting the ODAC to function at its best is feeding it 5V of clean power and isolating USB/noise issues.  The cDAC+ does these very things.  You can see pictures of the internals at Audio Poutine's Facebook page (If you don't have FB, I can copy pictures of the internals over).


I purchased the cDAC+ directly from Audio Poutine for USD$140.  It's in mint condition & comes with all original accessories (USB cable and wall adapter).  The switching power supply is of high quality and was specifically chosen by Audio Poutine for the cDAC+.  My cDAC+ also has the HQ Furutech RCA plugs & is installed in a black case (instead of the standard blue case).


Terms of Sale


- CONUS buyers: price listed includes shipping.

- INT'L buyers: add $8 to listed price to cover shipping.

- Payment to be made via PayPal (as a gift) or Google Wallet.  Buyer responsible for an PP fees if not sending as a gift.

- Price listed is firm.

- No trades.

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