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For Sale: Audeze LCD-2.2 Rosewood Shiit Lyr Combo

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2.2 Rosewood Shiit Lyr Combo

Will Ship To: U.S.

Audeze LCD-2.2 Rosewood and Shiit Lyr Combo for sale.


LCD-2.2 is early production, comes with wooden box, care kit, paperwork, stock cable and aftermarket balanced cable.

Great cosmetic and working condition, no visible signs of serious wear.


Same about Lyr: comes with original box, manual, stock tubes and extra pair of Electro-Harmonix 6922s.

Very good cosmetic and working condition, only one visible scratch on the upper left corner (about 3mm).


$1,250 shipped and PP or local pickup in Chicago. I do not nickle and dime buyers with PP fees and expect same when buying something myself.

As for feedback, I have perfect eBay rating selling and buying items of real value during years, just ask for details.


Initially I'd like to keep this combo together(and what a combo that is!). No trades at this time.


PM for any questions. Thanks for looking and good luck

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Just a head up that's a r2 not a r2.2.  The difference between the r2 and the r2.2 solely being the r2 has wooden connectors and the r2.2 has plastic angled connectors

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It was sold to me by reputable member as 2.2 no R or revision, just 2.2.  As in version 2!


Do you see letter R mentioned anywhere? Please refrain from thread crapping in the future and forward your comments via PM.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to thread crap, I just wanted to point out that what you have pictured in the thread isn't a 2.2, it's a 2.0.  If somebody sold it to you as a 2.2, they were probably just misinformed about the differences between a 2.2 and 2.0. The r just refers to revision, r2.2 hence revision 2.2.


As I mentioned before, the differences between 2.2 and 2.0 are just the connectors where the cables are attached to the headphones are plastic and angled in the 2.2 revision and are wood and straight in the 2.0 revision (as shown in your pictures).  Other than that there are virtually no differences between the two.  Personally, my revision 1 LCD-2 also has straight connectors and I think the straight connectors are gorgeous on both yours and mine, but I understand depending on the way people use their LCD-2s it may make sense to have angled connectors.


Once again, I'm sorry if you thought of my comment as thread crapping, I just wanted you to know the difference between a revision 2.0 and a revision 2.2 so you could change your classified title as certain people may be looking for a revision 2.0 and others a revision 2.2.



Here's a picture of revision 2.2 connectors

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Is there a crack on the left connector...?

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Seems like no one uses PM anymore so questions can be answered and issues solved. Done with tire kickers and thread crappers who have no funds to buy anything but are first to nitpick . Will sell this elsewhere.

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I'm interested, just want that question answered.

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Is that really your response?  Ignore everything anyone asks or tells you and call them a "tire kicker" or "thread crapper"?  I for one browse the forums to stay up-to-date on pricing for headphones I own or are interested in.  That's where I stumbled onto your thread and saw your information was incorrect and mentioned as politely as I could it was.  Another person thought your wood may look cracked and mentioned it probably so you could provide a better picture.  Your response to both of us was calling us tire kickers and thread crappers.  If that's your attitude especially towards potential buyers you can leave, you won't be missed.


P.S. people do still use PMs, usually for offers.  Positing in threads is more typical of general comments or questions

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