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Office headphones: SRH440, Q460, HD280 Pro or others

Poll Results: Which one should I buy?

  • 50% (1)
    Shure SRH 440
  • 0% (0)
    AKG Q460
  • 0% (0)
    Sennheiser HD280 PRO
  • 50% (1)
    Other, see my comment....
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Hello head-fi,


A short introduction: Bas Dalenoord, 19, Dutch and an enterprise developer. I've worked my way up the headphone ladder, starting with a pair of HD201's which my cat professionally destroyed within 2 weeks. CX200 in-ears and a HD205 later I'm currently loving my Yamaha HPH200 for at home and my Sennheiser PX100 for on the go.


I got moved to quite a busy office lately and I want new headphones. Some requirements are:


  • Good sound quality
    I listen everything from rock to classic to dance/trance
  • Decent build quality
    I will be taking them with me sometimes...
  • Cool on the ears
    My HD205's were clamping very much which caused both pain and sweat after half an hour. I love the comfort level of my HPH's which have velours pads...
  • Minimal sound leakage
    I don't want to disturb collegues...
  • No cable noise
    Cable noise is not necessary and a sign of bad quality cable in my opinion...
  • Neutral sound
    I like monitors as they do not overpower the bass, which is the case with cans like Beats...
  • Budget: Up to €125


I'll use the cans in combination with my LG Nexus 4 and a Dell laptop, unamped for now. As I've done some research, I stumbled upon the following models:


  • Shure SRH 440
    They got reviewed as some of the best headphones for office usage
  • AKG Q460
    I saw quite some references in other 'office headphone' threads here on Head-fi
  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro
    Looks like a decent pair of cans, but I'm worried about the thigh clamping which is being stated by various reviewers...


Can anyone give me tips upon buying either one of the cans above, or a completely different model?

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If you're worried about discomfort, then I suggest looking at more over-ear models. The Q460 is on-ear and the SRH440 has relatively small earpads.


How much can you get the Citiscape Uptown's where you live? They're really my favorite sub-$100 closed-back headphones.

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The Citiscapes are around €50 here, so they are within my budget easily. The reviews are positive as well, so I might add these to the list... do they profit from a portable amp (FiiO E6, or fred_fred_2004's rechargable eclipse tin cmoy) as that might be an option for the remaining budget...?


Edit: How's the cable noise on these? I've added this as a requirement to the original post...

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K 550

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The K550's were a pair I considered, but they are around €150 here, so over budget. I'd rather spend less then €100 if that's an option, and the Philips's seem to be just fine... Are the AKG's worth the extra €100 over the Philips?

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I picked up a pair of Citiscape's, which are excellent... Nice warm sound, may be not as clear as my HPH's but they absolutely serve their purpose! Thanks for the advice...


My question about the amplifier still remains... I'm also considering the FiiO E11 so, any thoughts on that?

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consider getting a portable dac/amp such as, E 17 to use with laptop.

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Are the DAC's really worth the extra money? The E17 would be pulling me way over budget, so they are only an option if they really improve the experience...

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usb dac/amp normally enhances sound quality. if you are on tight budget and do not need portable amp, you can also consider desktop dac/amp E10.

However, considering the specification of citiscape, they are not hard to drive. I really do not know, if dac/amp would improve sound quality in this case!

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Thanks for the info. Portability would be easy as I consider using the dac/amp both at home and at work, so I'll be taking it on the road at least twice a week...


I'm aware of the fact that Citiscapes (and my HPH's as well) aren't the hardest to drive but threads on headfi suggest an AMP will in most cases improve sound quality and control of the headphone, so that's why I'm asking...

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in this case, E17 will be enhance SQ

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