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For Sale: Bottlehead SEX

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For Sale:
Bottlehead SEX

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have up for sale my beloved Bottlehead SEX with impedance switch and C4S upgrades.  Unfortunately all it has been doing for about a month now is sitting on my desk and not getting any attention because I like my Beta 22 better.  On top of that I need the money so here it goes.  It is in perfect condition but not completely stock.  I have a pair of matched tubes that I have rolled into the amp and will also include the originals.  Also, the feet have been replaced with vibration isolation spikes.  The top plate has a hammered aluminum finish and the wood has a mahogany satin finish. 


Selling for the cost of parts


Thank you for looking.  


Edit: Price Drop

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Hi I assume this unit is 110v? 

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Yes it is.  Also it has the transformers that can output 4, 8, 16 and 30 ohms of output impedance and can be swapped to any one of those because of the impedance switches.  

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