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For Sale: little dot I+ & tubes

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
little dot I+ & tubes

Will Ship To: CONUS

tidying up the system, i ended up not using it much. , thought i'd pass it along

this amp is about 6 months old, i'm the original owner.


tubes included:

telefunken eh900s gold pins

rca 5915

western electric 408a

tung sol 6ak5

hp 6ak5

original box, manual, power cord.

price includes shipping and paypal !

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Is it sold already?

How much did it go for?

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i let the guy have it for $100, and he lives about an hour away, so he's going to pick it up, we've actually had a "mini-meet" get together a few weeks ago,

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All right. Nice price on your side.  

Which is the best pairing with RS1i's you had?

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which of the amps that i've used did i like the most with the rs1i ?

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Yes, that was the meaning of my question. Excuse my English. 

How did the Little Dot I+ do with them?

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oh the little dot is great with them, one of the best the rs1i loves tubes, and its a great little amp period, it even drove the lcd2 pretty good.

i only let it go because i wasn't using it very much, since getting the burson soloist

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