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Hi! This is my first post in a couple years but I'm excited to be back at the Head-Fi forums. I have a question about an amp I got around the spring of 2007. During this time I got into audiophilia and I went on a spending spree. Along with some other purchases, I bought an RSA SR-71 Emmeline portable amp for, I think, about $400. Just to be clear this is not the SR-71A or B model but one of the original lineup. The one I'm talking about can be read about here:


It’s been many years since I delved backed into the hifi world and I think this amp is a little overkill for my undiscerning ears. I’m now interested in selling the amp but I’m not sure if there is any demand for it since they now have the newer models such as SR-71A and SR-71B. I wanted to pick the brains of some of the more knowledgable people on this forum to see how this amp might compare to modern day amps and if there is any demand for it in the market? Does it make more sense just to keep it or to sell it? Besides some lettering coming off it still works perfectly and sounds great with a pair of HD 650s. I’ve included some pictures below. Also, just to be clear, I understand there are separate forums for selling items and I am not saying that i would like to sell it right now. I just want to see what you all think. Thanks!


p.s.: I read the posting guidelines and searched the forums a bit before I wrote this but this is my first post in a couple years so if I broke any rules then please let me know so I can learn.