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For Trade: 3 Channel Beta 22 + LCD 2.2

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For Trade:
3 Channel Beta 22 + LCD 2.2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a Balanced Beta in addition to this 3 channel so one of them is up for trade. I also have a pair of LCD 2.2 that I'm willing to trade. There aren't very many things I'm interested in, so some of the less common pieces would likely strike me more. Some custom iem's I haven't heard (JH13), bookshelf or near field monitors might interest me and a W3000ANV I've been itching to here. Please PM if interested.
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Reply please to '', i am limited 2 message per day.

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Im trying to contact by PM but it doesnt work...


Could you contact with me to asap.


Thank you

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