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Headphone DAC/amp use for active monitors?

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I have a JDS Labs O2+ODAC I'm currently selling, in the meantime I am using a Fiio E07K this a friends but he wants it back so I am looking for a new solution to my needs, been looking around for a few hours and cant seem to find a solution to my needs so I was hoping maybe someone here can give me a little advice?

I currently own a Phillips Fidelio X1 as well as KRK Rockit 5 G3's (awesome cyber Monday deal) and I am looking for a Headphone DAC/AMP that I can also use as a preamp for my Rockits but there's a few catches

I live in an apartment the bass control on the E07K has been invaluable for on the fly adjustments to control the thump and keep the neighbors happy as my music changes
I have an HDMI Switch that I use for my game consoles that has an optical out that I am not currently using but would like to
I would like RCA outs as well

So in short I am looking for a cost effective device or combination of devices to conveniently give me

On the fly bass control
Multiple in's (USB / Optical)
Multiple out's 3.5mm/1/4" (Either or both) as well as RCA

I dream of the day I can have everything conveniently hooked up like so to reduce clutter and constantly switching wires around. 

Thanks for reading!

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Have you checked the Emotiva XDA-2? 

it has nice features, and comes with a decent Dac. Headphone section is ok (you can't ask more at this price range)

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Looks like it has most if not all of the bases covered, and it looks good!

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You may search the product portfolios of professional audio companies. Art audio, Behringer etc do pro-headphone amplifiers which would fit into your wish list.

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