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Haven't posted much in a while but I really wan to get peoples opinions on Heir as I've really felt that the service I've received from them has been awful.


I listened to a pair if 4.Ai at a meet a couple of years ago & was really impressed with them. The first thing I thought when listening to them was that the treble was better than my JH13 so when Heir had a 10% discount on the 4.A I ordered myself a pair thinking that they'd be even better than the 4.Ai I'd already heard.


Any way, I received them about 6 weeks or so later & apart from having to tuck them into my ear every time I put them in as the engineers had decided to completely utilise the whole of the ear impressions I'd sent in the fit was good & they sealed perfectly. the first thing I noticed though was that they sounded nothing like the 4.Ai & infact they were extremely dark & had almost no treble presence at all. I thought maybe they needed a little bit of burn in but after 48 hours continious they still sounded the same so I tried switching to a Toxic poison silver cable but the cable wouldn't stay in the IEM. It would literally just fall off as soon as the IEM wasn't supported any more. The stock cable was a little better I realised but not perfect & TBH I din't feel safe having them dangling over my top like I tend to wear them when they're not in my ears. It was the same with a Forza Audioworks cable. I made a small video of the cable problem (linked at the bottom) & sent it to Heir asking what could be done. They told me to RMA them & send back all accessories & use the original packaging container to do it I also included the Forza cable so they could see the issue I was having (cost me £44/$72) to send back this way but thats how they requested it... Once they recieved the IEMs I was told there was noting wrong with the sound & in fact they sounded awesome & they had found a problem with the pin connections that they were fixing. A couple of days later I was told to send another $55 for shipping back. Huh? They'd sent me a defective product & as a result it was going to cost me more money. I tried to argue it but in the end I had to pay it or I wasn't going to get them back..


So, today they arrived back with me. The Forza cable & all accessories are no longer in the box & when I tried the IEMs with my Toxic cable they are still exactly the same! Not fixed at all! Its cost me over $130 in shipping. they still sound dark & boring & they've stolen my cable.


I've emailed them asking whats going on (I tried to be polite but I think I may of lost it slightly) but I imagine i won't get a reply until the middle of the night.


Absolutely disgusted by all of it & needed to rant about it. No wonder Noble are trying so hard to pull all ties with anything related to Heir.




TL:DR Heir didn't fix a broken product, charged me extra for it & stole my accessories & a Forza cable.


Video of cable problem in 4.A


Same cable in JH13

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