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For Sale: Great DAP FiiO X3 For Sale

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Great DAP FiiO X3 For Sale

Will Ship To: US only

Bump. I've had a Couple inquiries about this but no Serious bites. This is in excellent Condition. This is now a couple month old, used only a couple of times. Selling because I don't use it. I bought the E18 to use with my Note2 so I don't need to pack around another piece of gear. Price is firm, 25% Off for a few hours listening on the Couch, l have 2 lossless 192/24 HD Tracks albums included Eagles Hotel California and Van Halen/ Van Halen included on internal memory $50.00 worth of music, $50.00 off player and $50.00 Free music w/ Dr. Cheskey 's Sensational and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show.


I can email Pics.


firmware is 2.05. Not used since.


If I knew how to post pics I would. PayPal please. stargazin at gmail dot com


Thanks, Jeff.

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Interested in trades?
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Looking for Money, I might be into partial trade, what have you got?

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Back to the top. This is a great little DAP. I just don't need another one.


Thanks for looking.



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Hi Jeff,

is your x3 still for sale?  how much to ship to 92701?  emailing you as well.



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Is it still for sale?

If so, did you get sub7's message?

If it fell through I am extremely interested



I will toss you an email as well

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i didn't get a reply from him.  

but i did end up picking up a refurb'd sansa clip + for $20.

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It is still for sale. I've replied to several inquiries but received no replies back. If I've missed someone I apologize, my work had been keeping me very busy. I have the original box and I believe all accessories.
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Well in that case I will PM you!
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Just wondering if you were still interested? I can ship on Monday. Thanks
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I'm interested and have cash in hand.
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