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So I have been using a pair of Sure 215's for about two years now and decided to make a big step into Customs. I have known for a while that my right ear canal was a great deal smaller than my left and was a bit worried as to how they were going to turn out. A little bit of info on my ears (mostly my right ear), it hurts sometimes and the inside of the canal is very hard and doesn't really feel as soft as my left ear canal. And I feel really stupid admitting this but I used to think that my ear canal was shrinking!!! Go ahead laugh because that is probably the dumbest thing you have ever heard. Anyways back on topic, we sent the impressions to a company called Alien Ears and somethings not right. I got them and immediately tried them out and just as I expected the ears were off. The left ear was ok but i could have sealed a bit better, and the right ear was not fitting or sealing properly. Another quick thing, the part that actually goes into the canal is very short and didn't seem like it would even go into my ear canal. I have seen other peoples and watched videos on Custom IEM's and the canal portion is very long and deep. My drum instructor has a pair of custom fit tips for his Shure's and he says that they go very deep into his ears and come just a few millimeters from touching his ear drums. But anyways back to what I was saying, I sent them back with a little bit of info on how they were fitting (or in this case NOT fitting) and within a few weeks they came back and the left ear was a perfect fit (but it could go deeper into my ear, but I don't want to be very picky), but the right ear still wouldn't fit. So we went back to the audiologist to get an impression of my right ear made again and then shipped it off. So coming closer to the end of this story, the IEM's came back and it still doesn't fit. And I tried to see if it was all in my head by putting them in and snapping my fingers next to each one, and I can hear the snap in my left ear but not as much as my right ear. Also when i take them out, I can just pull the right one out no problem, but with my left one I can tell that it is a good fit because it takes a little force to get it out. So I guess I am asking your opinions and I would like to know if anybody knows whats going on here because I certainly don't. They sound very good it is just the right ear. Another thing is that the left ear when it is in, it is flush with the out side of my ear, but the right ear sticks out a little bit. So I don't know if it is the brand (if the people suck at their jobs, are amateurs, don't know what they are doing, etc..) or if it is just my ears. I don't really feel like speaking up about the problems, I just feel like a nuisance. The price for these were very low compared to other places so I don't know if the signs were there or no but I thought I would turn to the Forums. So thank you for reading this and I would really appreciate a response.