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I've been out of the hi-fi hobby for a few years.  Now that the kids are a little older, I'm getting back into it.  I'm building a 2-channel set up.  Speakers are done (rear-horn loaded 8" Tang Band driver) and I am building a 300b SE amp that will play speakers of headphones (undecided which ones yet).  Now I'm working toward the source components.  And this is where it keeps getting complicated for me.


I can use iMac and USB DAC.  I've been looking at stuff in the $500-750 range.  Two leading contenders are the Schitt Uber Bifrost or the Gungnir (which with USN is a little more than I wanted to spend). Easy and convenient (for now).  However, I will be moving the stereo into its own room after I finish the basement.  If I use my Mac for music, I'll need to get another computer when I move the stereo (more $$$), as I use my computer for work and it is currently in the office.  So I started thinking about a CD player or CD transport/DAC combo.  Turns out there is a ton of used gear out there.  Seems everybody is going to multi-disc players and dumping their old CD players.


So here is the big question for those who have bee experimenting ...


Would I get a better sound quality with a Mac and USB DAC or a 'nice' cd/multi disc player?  I'm thinking something along the lines of a Denon dvd-3930 or Rotel RDV-1092.  Those units were mucho expensive when released (and highly reviewed).  They seem to be falling off trees around here, as they do not play BR.  I guess what I am asking, is do those older 'top end in their time' machines play music as well as a new USB DAC?  If they do, then that's the way I'll go as It would leave enough funds for a turntable.


So, what do you think?

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