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How are you?

I have been reading the forum and some reviews for some time. I recently registered because I am wanting to buy some new headphones and really need some advice.

I am currently searching for headphones to use mainly at the office, to listen to music form my iPod Video 5th Gen.

I will be using the headphones 60% at the office, 30% at home and maybe 10% outdoors.

I listen to all kinds of music.


I am currently torn between the Philips Citiscape uptown and the SOny MDR-1R.

I am from Portugal and will be buying online from EU stores.


My dilema is that currently, the philips can be had for 50 Euros while the Sony costs 150.

My question is if the SOny is worth triple the cost?

Are the philips good enough headphones?


Just for reference, I am currently using a pair of Philips IEM SHE9000 with my iPod.


Please help me out.

Thank you.