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can IEMs be durable?

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I read many threads, reviews and feedbacks about IEMs considering I'm looking for a pair for the gym and it seems that they all fail. It's just a matter of time, even if you are careful. So a majority of people end up buying the cheapest pair they can find and replace them once they break.


Does that mean I should rather look for an other type of headphones or just buy whatever brand provides the best warranty? 


Did any of you owned a pair that lasted even in sport conditions? I'm talking about many months or years here

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No headphones will resist shock and sweat.


Tips to pick good gym headphones:

BA are sensitive to moisture, go for regular dynamics headphones. 

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The most "durable" IEM I've own would have to be my old CK10s.....they were extremely tough, and I sweat a lot with them (past tense).  BA will die at the first sign of sweat, but your ear canal doesn't sweat, and that's what the screens are there for (prevent stuff from going into other stuff).  I'm not saying the CK10s were the toughest in the physical area, but they handled some extreme use, and unlike any other IEM I've ever had, they were tucked away outside of harm while in my ears....every other IEM I've had has had significant bulk outside of the ear area.


Next in line for toughness is my old MDR-EX90LPs.... I know these aren't available anymore, but would definitely consider Sony's high-end linup as those thing were, at one time, a full-metal powerhouse.

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wouldn't be bluetooth or all in one headsets more suited for sport application?






all-in-one SONY NWZ-W173



most durability problems are due to the cable and jack, right? 

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I found the sony for 40€ on amazon (special price) so I just ordered it. I will let you know how it works for the gym as soon as I receive it, it's an all in one device (mp3 player + headphone) that is waterproof and has a 4Go memory.  

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