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For Sale:
[price drop] Pathos Classic One MKIII & Gold Aero 7308 tubes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys, I'm selling my Pathos Classic One MKIII, along with tubes.


1. Pathos Classic One MKIII [retail price: $3,000]


It should be noted that this amp is an exceptional pairing with HE-6 headphone; this doesn't just come from me, check this post out:


I'm the second owner of this amp. I have used it for 3 months, and the first owner used it for about 2 and a half years.


It has a small whitish discoloration on one of the two red poles (?), but it is not visible from the front since it is on the back side. You'll have to look into the narrow space from the back to notice this. I'm not sure how it happened, or if it was like that from the first place. If you want to see it, I'll take a picture of the discoloration and show you.


[reason for price drop] Today I noticed a cosmetic flaw which made me decide to reduce the sale price. The front black plate of the heat shrink (the plate behind the two red polls) is quite dusty, and while it hasn't bothered me when I used the amp every day, I figured others may not like this so I decided to clean off the dust before boxing it. The problem is, the surface of black plate on the front and back of the heat shrink is somewhat rugged when you touch it (the fact that it is rugged is not a defect, it is originally supposed to be rugged), but because of this the dust seems to have stuck on the surface between the ruggedness(?) and won't come off easily when I use a dry cloth. If it were a smooth surface the dust would have come off, but unfortunately not. Maybe using water or some kind of solvent could remove the dust, but I personally don't like cleaning my audio gears with anything wet. You could give it a try, and if it works, good for you. Only the front plate is dusty, the back plate is relatively clean as it hasn't been exposed to much dust. The plate was dusty when I bought it from the first owner 3 months ago. At any rate, because of this I'm reducing the price from $2,000 to $1,500.


But otherwise the amp is in good condition and works nicely. If you want to see the dusty plate too, I'll take a picture of it as well and show you.


I'm selling it for $2,000 $1,500.


2. Gold Aero 7308 Gold Series [pair]

This is a pair of vintage 1950's NOS Amperex 7308 (super premium version of 6922) tubes made in Holland, which were hand-picked, matched, and rebranded by Gold Aero which was a company based in Lancaster, California. Sound quality aside, the Gold Aero tubes, especially the Gold Series, are the rarest of its kind and even rarer than the ones with the original printing which tend to get messy over time. Gold Aero supposedly had standard, Silver Series, and Gold Series line-up of tubes; the Gold Series were considered the very best.


As you can see in this post below, the Amperex 7308 tubes, which is essentially what my Gold Aero 7308 tubes are, are the best tubes recommended for Pathos Classic One MKIII, especially when it comes to driving the HE-6. For your information, the stock tubes of Classic One are Russian-made Electro-Harmonix 6922 tubes.


I'm selling it for $250, but if purchased with the Pathos amp I'll lower the price to $150.

So if you buy both, I'll sell them for $1650.

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