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I partnered up with BaasTurbo and got his crazy gift today!

Instead of just a CD, he also sent me a pair of IEMs.

The CD is Jeff Buckley - Grace. Great album. I already had some of his music, but not this CD. Good choice.

As for the IEMs, BaasTurbo sent me the Fischer Audio Consonance. Amazing. I was just thinking of replacing my generic pair of Sennheisers that were starting to fall apart, so this was both unexpected and great timing. I'm sure I'll enjoy them, thanks!

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Glad you like them! Grace is an amazing album, glad you don't already own it (took a bit of a gamble there).
I saw the "cheap buds" in your signature and had to do something about that. biggrin.gif

I already have my gifts from zebRAW and know what's on the way from Hilosxdd, but will share these later once I've had the time to sit down and listen to the first and once they arrive in the second case.
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Well I partnered up with @Emongaa and received the following music today:


Flume (selftitled album)



Chet Faker - Thinking in textures



Thanks a lot!

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Got my 3rd album today. Vivaldi's 4 Seasons recomposed by Max Richter. @mrlawrence74
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So, the first gift I received was from my original partner zebRAW. He sent me his favourite album Crying over Pros for no reason by edIT. I cannot believe I missed out on this when it was released! Very layered and deeply textured electronic music that keeps the middle between IDM à la Aphex Twin and Squarepusher and downtempo breakbeat. Great production. A very involved listening experience, I'm listening to it for the third time while tapping away right now and keep discovering new layers in the music. Not an easy listen though, this is certainly no radio friendly music - which is a compliment in my book.

He also sent me two Max Cooper EP's, Stochastisch Serie and Fragmented Self pt.2, which I've only had a quick listen to for now. I think those and my car driving playlist will become very close acquaintances. cool.gif

Overall I am already very pleased. I got another album in the mail today, more on that later.

Merry Xmas everybody!
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oops, did not know about this thread and posted some on the gift exchange thread...


My partner was UnityIsPower


I got the soundtrack for Star Trek Into Darkness:

and Complete Clapton:



Merry x-mas to all!!

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Received kepler28nm amazon gift just on time for xmas celebration!


The black album from Metallica which I unfortunately already had and a very nice classical music CD (Bach: Goldberg variation), which I did not have and am absolutely delighted with!






Many many thanks Jim!



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I received this album via iTunes.
This is a great album! It reminds me of Kenny G's music.
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My exchange partner was arnaud, and he gifted me this wonderful album!


Never heard this before, this is new to me!


I just got back from almost a week long ski trip :D

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My partner was Ostewart and he sent me



I've never heard of them before. 

They're an Australian outfit, classed as Alternative\Prog rock.....I would say more alternative than prog.


The general sound reminds me a bit of Linkin Park, God is an Astronaut and Pearl Jam blend. Its not a style I have listened to a lot recently - although God is an Astronaut gets fairly regular spins

Whatever they are classed as, its a great album - very epic and high energy rock.

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My not-so-secret santa was jageur272.

Sent me a pretty cool album by a band from his hometown!

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