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For Sale:
AMB Gamma 2 DAC full ++ model. PRICE REDUCED!

Will Ship To: CONUS

Like new AMB Gamma 2 full ++ build.  Nice parts used (Wima film caps, Vishay RN50 resistors on the Gamma 2), WM8741, see pictures.  Output caps are Elna Silmics for both the Gamma 1 and 2 (if you read an earlier version of this ad, I used to have Blackgates in here, but I've taken them out for another project ;) ).  NO POWER SUPPLY IS INCLUDED, but I just tested with my laptop, and if you are using this as a USB DAC, it can be powered by the USB line (only draws 300mA, well within USB spec).  If using without USB, you will need a 5V power supply.  


I just realized some of you may want to use this directly into headphones, as opposed to going into an amplifier.  I did NOT build this in the configuration for headphones.  I used OPA2365 opamp and 22uF output caps, which is the line out configuration.  Despite this, it seemed to drive my Sennheiser HD650 headphones OK (not super-loud, but decent volume, with good bass), but let's just assume that this NEEDS to be used with a separate headphone amp to be sure of success.


Price of $135 includes shipping in the continental US as well as any Paypal fees.  If you want to pick it up locally in San Francisco, the price is $120 cash.

No international sales, please.


Thanks for reading!


EDIT:  Since my trader feedback of zero may scare off some, here is a link to my old HeadFi feedback thread:

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