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Beats Solo HD help

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Hey guys, i just ordered some beats a few days ago off Ebay. I bought some solo hd headphones but i though that they would fit over my ears, not on top of them. Is there a way that i could like swap out the ear cup parts with the ones that cover your ears (studios?) and if i can, where would i be able to buy them. I don't have enough to chop out for the studios :l
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I don't think the Pads of the Studio will fit the Solos HD's, because they're to big. You should just return them and get some other headphones that are over ear. I mean, with $200 you could get some headphones that sound a lot better than the Solo HD.

Anyways, I think this is the wrong website to ask this question, because most people here, hate Beats. smily_headphones1.gif
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i hope you didn't buy them for much. Ebay is the worst place to get those headphones from. Counterfeits galore. Not to mention beats is one of worst values in headphones in like, ever.

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