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HI there,


I ordered the Limited Run Grado's.  Whiskey, leather and music, I couldn't resist :(

So now I am after something to compliment them (before I get them mind you)


There are a few similar threads however I couldnt find the answers I was after.

I am also looking through countless threads in parallel to this one.


As the title states I am looking for either of the following.


a) A portable Amp/DAC to use with my Note 3 that will nicely compliment the Grado sound


b) A stand alone DAP to use without an amp that will compliment them.


While I know they dont need an amp to perform to levels that I wont want to listen to, I find my Note 3 directly to be quite harsh at times and somewhat bass shy even with my current Bowers and Wilkins p7's  When the Grado's show up I can imagine this to be magnified (having previously owned Alessandro MS1's with Cocobolo cups and knowing how they sounded).


Preferably I would like something that isnt bass shy to further emphasize the lack of bass from the Grado's.  Hell even if it were a bass boost feature I could use off and on depending on my mood/song.


Anyway I am in your hands.


Options I have considered are:



FIIO e18 which is coming soon (Warm/dark sounding?)

JDS Labs C5D (Neutral)

Matrix Audio Mini-Portable Amp/DAC (DARK)


I have not heard any of the above, so I am at your mercy.


As for DAP's, I have no idea.

As best I know perhaps something from HiFiMan's range, but I really dont know.


Generally speaking I prefer a darker/Warm sound (Previously owned LCD2's, Mad Dogs, HD650's) so I dont mind if these combo's make my other sets sound darker, so long as it compliments the Grado's.