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Backup headphones

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I am a teen and listen to my music over my iPod. I currently own the Vmoda m100 and love them, however due to their large price tag I don't always feel the most comfortable about taking them places outside the house. So I would kinda of like a secondary portable headphone to take around. Anyways here is my criteria.


1. Sub- $100

2. Sounds great

3. Looks good

4. Comfort

5. Durable

6. Portable

7. Preferably bass heavy, but still clear


Here is what I have been looking into

1. Ue6000 ($100)

2. Monster Vektr ($100)

3. Nontec zoro hd ($70)

4. Rhythmz Air Hd ($70)

5. Vmoda lp ($110) [leaning away from these because I have m100s]

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There is the Crossfade LP's on sale you know. $70 on amazon only for today. If you want to start collecting V-Moda's, that is.

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Any suggestions?
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I will go with the UE6000. It fits your needs better + ANC which is great for portable use!

Hope it helps,
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