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Replacement earpads for HD580 / HD600 / HD650 from Ebay seller from China?

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I've kept my original pads on my HD580s as they are still usable, however I've wanted to replace them with new pads but got turned off by the price of new pads which is around $80. On Ebay there's a seller from China offering replacement for less than half that price (~$30). Anyone ever try them out?

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I'd like to know this as well!
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Wow, $80$ Is that from Sennheiser direct? I have a pair of 580's myself and ordered replacement pads over the phone directly from Germany. It was quite a while ago but the price was less than $30 if I remember right. I can tell you this if it's any help. I have a pair of Grado SR125's and ordered two pairs of velour ear pads from China and they are wonderful. They fit well and feel so much better than the crappy foam pads on the stock Grado's.  I'd have no qualms at all about buying the Chinese ear pads.


All the best,


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Yep, the prices have gone up some so they are like $70-$80 last time I checked. Too bad I didn't stock up back then when it was more fairly priced.


I went ahead and placed an order, he also sold the foam discs which I also ordered. Total price I paid was $37.96 for a pair of new earpads and discs. I'll post a review once I get them. Interesting to hear your Grado Chinese ear pads are better than the stock ones, it's not what I usually expect to hear about Chinese made goods.

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I've purchased from Thomann UK for Sennheiser HD650 replacement pads, including the headband pads that are difficult to come by. I've found the prices to be competitive and they are fast in shipping, including to the US.


Here's a link to check: http://www.thomann.de/gb/sennheiser_hd_545565580_ohrpolster.htm


With the current exchange rate, it's roughly $60 bucks for genuine replacement Sennheiser ear pads.

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I received my ear pads a few days ago, so it took about a week to get here, pretty fast considering it was from China. I'm happy with what I received, I'd order again. Pics are below, my ~10 year old original pads are on top, new ones from China are below them. I got the foam discs too but they are not pictured, those are fine too.



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Glad you like the new ear pads - they look pretty good. I don't use the foam disks at all. Even before I replaced my original ear pads I had removed the foam. There's just the factory screen now between the transducer and my ears. You can now see the transducer when looking into the phones.  It really opened up the midrange. It literally transformed the 580's. To me they were a little too dark and recessed with the foam pads. It's easy enough to try it and if you don't like it, put the pads back in.

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Hi there,


I'm interrested in those earpads you found from an Ebay Seller (chines one)


Could you let me know his contact, I canot find him, for HD 565 wich are the same as for 

  • HD-545
  • HD-545 II
  • HD-565
  • HD-565 II
  • HD-580
  • HD-580 Jubilee
  • HD-600
  • HD-650

​Thanks a lot.




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Sure, the seller's name is drawheart.

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Originally Posted by dvsone View Post

Sure, the seller's name is drawheart.
Seems like he sells nothing for the moment, Check back later, if you have another option for low cost earpads let me know!
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Just in case anyone wishes to buy them, they're in stock on eBay again.
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