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Hi everyone.....


I'm a newbie to Head-Fi, with a good computer, a great set of Bose 42KC1 earbuds and a good friend who said my music would be remarkably better if I bought a DAC.  I have looked over my new Fiio E17, tried plugging some pretty obvious connections together, but have yet to hear the first note.


I have a Master's in engineering, but Mechanical, and was in school when Edison sent his first 10 watts though the vacuum tube, so my training isn't up to speed. Though it's not quite that bad, most of my designs either required no micro-circuitry, or sent it off to my EE colleague. Ofcourse I can create electrical systems using relay logic, and have even used Wheatstone bridges in measuring microstrain, but please consider me a novice in electronics.


I'm sure I will power up the system to add some small computer speakers, and already have the Fiio E09K docking port for the day that comes about, but please do me the honor and service of helping me get the critical link operational first. At this point, baby steps are in order.


My best wishes for a joyous Holiday Season,


The Wolf

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