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Wanted: WTB: Mac mini unibody

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WTB: Mac mini unibody

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I want one Mac Mini, as mint as it can be, because it will be in my living room. So if you have one, please hit me with a PM. I'll be glad to recieve your offers.


*Price is just referential, it will be arranged with the seller directly.


I'm from Chile, south america, but sending packages to here is just as easy as domestic shipping using USPS priority. I will cover all shipping costs.


Thank you! 

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Thank you!, but i prefer used and well cared than refurb :)

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Okay, good luck then.  I bought a refurb Macbook Pro and Apple ended up replacing it with a new one because I had a problem with it about 6 months down the line.  Pretty good support.

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Yes I get that, but Apple don't support as good as in USA here in Chile, in fact, they don't send products directly to Chile, that's why I prefer proven used gear than refurb.


Thanks again :)

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Got one!

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