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Need suggestion for best in-ear headphones under 50$

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Since head-fiers have tried almost all the products and the budget for the best headphones,I really need you guys to help me out.


Country                  : Malaysia


Budget                   : 50$ (include shipping)


Brands in particular : None (anything would do)


Important features   : 1) Non-tangle cables

                               2) Minimum microphonics

                               3) Noise isolation (medium or more)

                               4) 'Kinda' attractive (if possible)

                               5) Well-built (doesn't have to be rugged) 


Music preference    : 1) Hip-hop (bass is super important)

                               2) Kpop 


Any suggestions or comments are welcomed. Thanks.

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Have you checked the buyers guide linked at the top of this thread?


$50 (especially including shipping) is a very limited budget for headphones.  It is even more limiting each time you add a requirement.  You will get more for that money with IEM's.

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I suggest Vsonics. You can get them here:




Shipping for vsonics is free.


Or check out these comparison threads:

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VSonic VDS1s . You'll be very pleased. Surprisingly good earphones for your needs.


Based on pure sound quality on my audiophille Colorfly CK4+ DAP , here is what my ears tell : 


VSonic VDS1s (Warm) > HiSound Flamenco (V-shape) > BrainWavz R1 (V-shape) > HiSound E212 (Warm) > Astrotec AM-90 (Vocal) > Astrotec AM-800 (Neutral) > SoundMagic E10 (V-shape) > SoundMagic E30 (Neutral-Vocal) > Bayerdynamic DTX 71 ie (Warm) > VSonic GR04 (Neutral) > VSonic GR02 (Basshead) > BrainWavz M2  (Warm) > Dunu Trident (Basshead) >>> Sennheiser / AKG stuff

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You sold your GR07 for IE80? Which is better?


btw, its VSD1;)

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I loved my Sony MDR-XB30EXs, they were really bass heavy. They do have a tangle-free cord, look super killer (burnt red looks really good in person), and the bass was incredible. It was almost overwhelming at times, but at lower volumes it really pleased my ears. The isolation is also very good, they can block outside noise well even without playing music, and when playing music, everything goes off. The only downfall is mine didn't have a microphone. But for $30, I don't think you can beat it for the money.

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IE80 are the more musical earphones overall with better deep bass ramble and bigger 3D soundstage. But I would not pay more then 250$ for a brand new pair. At this price I would go for T-Peos H-200 (my next ear-phone upgrade)

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I have the Tpeos H-100, I really don't like its SQ and it's so difficult to get a good seal. It has very good sub-bass and a overwhelming treble...I couldn't use it for more than 1 hour. The housing of the H-200 is different though. Have you checked out the new DUNU DN-1000?


H2Ofidelity, a forumer here has experience with both H-200 and DN1000

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I guess you are right, thanks for sharing , I wasn't aware of Dunu Hybrid ear-phone. Perhaps I should not make a rush decision, need more time to check out all the new goodies on market

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I've got an upgrade deal since my Meelec M9 broke (own fault). 

So which is better: 1) Meelec M9 (They could replace it for free)
                            2) Meelec M6 (clear,could get it for around 20$)
                            3) Vsonic GR99 (Zamorin's suggestion,in budget)

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I would go for the Hisound E212 if you want a LOT of bass. Other choices to consider are Meelectronics A161P, Astrotec AM800 and the PAA-1 Pro if you are ok with earbuds.

I think that most people think that the DN-1000 is better than the H-200 and H20 did as well (well he sold his H200 and still jas his DN1K). I haven't heard the H-200 but I really like the 1k. I have a review up and from memory I like them far better than the IE8s.
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How about Vsonic GR06? Is the bass above average? I could get it at a quiet low price

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I have the DN1000 as mentioned above. I absolutely love it. Deep, powerful bass from the dynamic driver and excellent detail in the mids and treble from the two balanced armatures. It is outside your budget at $200, but well worth it. I am not a big fan of the Meelec M9's or M6's they are well built but they are very V shaped..... mids are very recessed and the treble is too sibilant. You might look into the SoundMagic E10 or the Brainwavz M2. Both are well made and have good bass response.

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