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     I've been watching for the release of the Hammo since about the middle of this summer and every time I go to the main site (the site where the specs are referenced to) I see that that it still only says they are coming soon even despite that the last few months have seen the Hammo pop up in quantity on places such as amazon. I have been reluctant to consider ordering them because of this lack of confirmation from the developing company and a lack of sites that I consider to be at least somewhat reputable review sites doing a review or release conformation on this follow up to the Zoro ( arguably one of the greatest headphones to ever come out ) which got such amazing remarks from places such as cnet and engadget. I just don't know whether to trust that they are officially out due to these thing and a lack of way to contact Noontec themselves and ask because their contact page does not load anything and i have tried contacting the emails on the bottom on any of their pages ( and  but have yet to receive even a "That's not my area" email back. So how are you guys all certain that these are the official Hammo headphones from the official Noontec company because I would love to be certain that they are out as well so i can go get some with confidence that I'm not going to be completely ripped off by some little bootlegging Chinese company.